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Victoria Hansen
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Victoria Hansen
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Victoria Hansen
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Custom Designed Merch Social Media Management Web Development Graphic Design
Now is the time to start selling your t-shirts and sweatshirts without having to worry about investing any money upfront. That’s right, if you have been putting off selling your apparel due to the high cost of buying your items upfront from a screen printing company, your wait is over.

Minty Tees eliminates that burden and will print as little as one item for you then ship it to your customer on your behalf; we call it Print-and-Ship-on-Demand (PaSoD).

With PaSoD you are free to experiment with different graphics and only buy the items that sell, gone are the days where you need to buy a whole case of shirts that you may never sell. This service is particularly attractive to:

  • Bands/Musicians
  • Small Businesses
  • Artists
  • Anyone with an interest in starting an apparel line

  • Arenas Promotions will also drive your social networking services by interacting with your customers, followers, and fans and keeping them in touch with your important news.

    It doesn’t stop there…We will also build your business a Web site that uses the latest technology, is optimized for search engine visibility (SEO), and modern social network connections.

    Arenas Promotions will also provide you with professional photography services for your business, and design graphics for print and web media.


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