Emily Jaye: For You Review
Posted 2 years ago by Rheanna Richardson

Emily Jaye: For You

Emily Jaye (formerly from the group Frentik) is an LA based musician from Texas with Texas BIG talent, because everything is bigger in Texas! After moving to LA Emily joined Frentik and after a long run decided to start her solo act, and it’s paid off. Emily Jaye’s new album “For You,” dropped Friday March 4th, and it couldn’t have come quick enough! From the very first song, “Steady As You Go,” to “For You,” you can hear the soul poured into every noteand lyric. Emily’s beautiful vocals are highlighted through excellent songwriting and melodies. The use of electronic music in her songs are enough to land her in electro-pop genre, but it is very strategically placed and never over used, giving the feeling of an alternative-pop album. The ability to expand multiple genres in a single album is very difficult to achieve, but beautifully done on “For You.” Emily Jaye can’t be compared to anyone directly, but her voice, range and tone reminds me of Haley Williams of Paramore.

Overall, 4 out of 5!
Happy Listening!